Welcome to Matters of Life & Death.

Matters of Life and Death offers comprehensive care and support in all areas related to issues of significant loss, grief, and bereavement. This involves accompanying and helping empower individuals, their families and loved ones through all stages related to end of life issues, with a view of death being a natural and inevitable part of life.

It also includes information and education, particularly around natural death care, spiritual and emotional support, end of life care planning, family planned and lead funerals, and bereavement assistance.

Talking about death, becoming more death literate, seeking support, accessing knowledge, information, guidance and planning, can demystify death helping alleviate many fears and anxieties, leading to healthier bereavement.

The natural death care movement aims to assist people and their communities become more death literate, as we once were.  This means being empowered in knowing the how’s of supporting the wishes of ourselves, our loved ones and communities in the many available options to approaching death and death care.

Nic Aunger is a Buddhist Chaplain, and an authorised Celebrant for the Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils.  She conducts all kinds of ceremony, including funerals and weddings.  Nic works with you and your family in helping to create a personally meaningful occasion which aligns with what is important to you.


Meditation Healing Group

After a successful pilot program in 1st Term 2018, we are pleased to announce we will be running another group in 2nd Term 2019, again through Community House.

6 Week Program

A meditation course introducing strategies to deal with life’s challenges; including illness and long-term health conditions (physical or medical). The course emphasis is on the practice of meditation in daily life, with a particular focus on developing skills to enhance the healing process through the mind. Please note you do not have to have an illness to participate, open to all.

The material taught in the course has its foundations in Tibetan Buddhism. Discussions and meditations are presented inclusively to everyone, whether one has a spiritual tradition or not.

Please go to Castlemaine Community House to book.

Day of The Dead

We will be running our event in November 2019, once again in the Castlemaine Botanic Gardens.  Information will be posted here closer to the time.